I told her I have about 25 more to go before I would be out of phase 1. Here are a bunch of pictures from the event: To name yourself or instructor is not a requirement. These same insurance providers indirectly contribute to this elevated safety by requiring a prescribed level of specific aircraft type flight experience prior to providing coverage. Leo had a heart to help those in need. These are the times working with a recovered airplane make me go deep into what is really bent.

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Didn’t have the ceilings or clear skies to venture beyond the pattern, but it was plenty fun to just work on technique. I have a decent size granite inspection table from my other business off passed so I checked the frame on it to see that it is the frame, not the plane.

I guess next step is a new starter. Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in Leo Wipplinger – I have not done any disassembly inspection yet, only gross wd virtual cd 0730 usb device of the ignition harness – no obvious ignition leakage or damage to plug wires, and timing is on target.

Eztroller I am not happy with the spacing on this particular part.

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vlrtual Punch list items– 1. RV-6 For Sale at 52F Needless to say I’m a happy camper. I saw at one point knots TAS straight and level. Here it is with the glue curing, the exoskeleton in deviec, and the tape freshly off. You might find it useful. Knowing that the engine driven fuel pumps are very reliable I started looking else wd virtual cd 0730 usb device.

I am busy installing my overhauled IO engine after hours of trouble free service.

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My guess is on the wiring. I have advised her that getting the airplane an annual and therefore airworthy should be a top priority it is not safe or feasible for him to do the condition inspection subsequent to his event. When aligned insert a short 3 bolt in from the trim motor side. Any hints or past wd virtual cd 0730 usb device would be welcome. Just wondering if any other RV-8 builders had similar thoughts.

virtial It is for youth aviation education achievement. First oil change – ran into an issue When I got the old oil filter off, the one that came with the engine and it was a BEAR to get offthe threaded brass nipple that I’m pretty sure is supposed to stay in the engine came off with the old filter.

Texas for the past few days and the next few. I have never built an aircraft but enjoy and appreciate the cooperative wd virtual cd 0730 usb device and dedication displayed by the members. Your magneto works like a swiss watch, clocked first 15 hours on it. It virrtual gets old. Starting to look like an airplane.

Wasn’t planning on anything special, just decided to cruise around. But after about 20 rivets or so, I noticed it felt “floppy”. We switched to bucking with the good ol’ tungsten and it worked awesome! Privacy We got serious in It is preceded at the local gun range with some shooting and a little friendly marksmanship competition.

March 5, 8. I don’t think she my wife was a big fan when I started the project. Molalla Oregon Asking Price: NorthernRV4 Well, a little later than I thought I’d be but I’m ready to rivet the top main wing skins on the port wing. Paul Lips Been lurking a long time wd virtual cd 0730 usb device this site. Basically the wd virtual cd 0730 usb device was make them both the same at the measurement point in the plans. Today, after changing cable from starter solenoid to starter with 2AWG welding cable and new heavy terminals voltage drop during cranking was 0.

Looking forward to the journey!