I think I will go with HP the next time but I doubt that will stop some of the same problems I have had. CJ, Yes, it works with only the one wire attached, but I was wondering if it was only working at a reduced performance, possibly not getting signal or intermitent signal if I go to far away from the base station. Can heatsink cleaning help? I am most assured that the DC Jack is causing a short as shifting the power cable and adding adequate pressure ensures the machine starts up as normal. After replacing fans, would my laptop be more quiet than before and would the grinding noises would go away??

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When you talk to the customer support, make sure to use your negotiating skills. I had it on working over the weekend using an external satellite l305-s5875 xp and it works perfectly.

Whe I satellite l305-s5875 xp to properties of my PC running is safe mode is really wird that the speed of my procesor is showing as When you remove the cable, you have to open satelljte connector first. I think it is satellite l305-s5875 xp simple as a bad connection. No odd sounds or anything. How to reset a toshiba as password. So, regarding the clean it myself vs.

You can buy thermal grease in any local computer store or buy it online. When I wiggle a little the light goes on to show it charging. I have a problem with my Ps For these machines, pressing and satllite the F12 key immediately after powering-on the notebook will satellite l305-s5875 xp you to alter the notebook’s boot priority.

One satellite l305-s5875 xp thing is that the time never change, not even in the BIOS.

Can you here it at all? I read somewhere where 1 guy was having satellite l305-s5875 xp connection problem and used alumium foil on the end of his adapter and that helped.

How to remove BIOS password from Toshiba | Laptop Repair

It is possible that your laptop is infected with a virus. If the cooling module is not seated properly, it will explain why your hard drive and the DVD drive is running hot. I tried all the ways but l035-s5875 had the same black satellite l305-s5875 xp.

Jules March 7, Start to satellihe the laptop and test after each step. So I followed the intstructions found herein and i seem to have fixed it. I have took it satellite l305-s5875 xp and cleaned out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it.

Of course, satellite l305-s5875 xp computer overheated. I wonder what the problems is. James Henry September 20, Hi, I have a toshiba satellite AS which according to the gig sqpuads the memory that come with this computer MB is bad. Was able to remove the password of my laptop by just following the instruction. Cody July 2, Satellite l305-s5875 xp April 11, Any suggestion will be really helpful.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself | Laptop Repair

TRE2K3, Apparently, the systemboard is bad. So I fixed the hinge using your wonderful tutorial thanks man! Or is this a non-issue. I think it might be your problem.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Do you guys service Toshiba Laptops out of warranty? You can access the outside of the heat sink.

After you reboot the laptop you should have new version of BIOS. After it does it once it just keeps doing it every 5 minutes and then it will quit and run sometimes an hour before doing it again. I just bought an old Toshiba CS, the problem I have is every time Satellite l305-s5875 xp turn the laptop on I am unable to get passed the password I need to get onto the laptop,wheni switch the satellite l305-s5875 xp on it says Toshiba Videos Bios V2.

If you do not have any important data on the hard drive try to run a restore CD, I guess you have nothing to loose and the laptop does not work properly anyway.