July 16, at 4: Unlock code is generated for your imei number so its same! First of all you need to download this piece of small software to check if your modem suports voice calls No matter if the feature disabled in factory settings we are going to activate it. Reasons why should start using Google Allo instead of WhatsApp. Your order has been received. Hi, i quick question.. The device is a:

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Then it will not support any dongle. View all posts by Ruchira.

Unlocking Huawei HSPA Modems for free

Some tablet gets hangs on connecting the dongle. No Unlocking modem doesnt means free internet!

Dear ruchir, please send unlock code for huawei EG. Could you e7131 fix it. I really need your help to unlock my Celcom broadband modem. This time it detected it and this problem was solved. I also get command error…. Hi Ruchira, i huaweei want flash code. Even after upgrading my firmawre and using the latest dashboard Mobile Partern softwareI was huawei mobile broadband e1731 to make voice call. What are the supported Dongles and how to connect it plz reply huawei mobile broadband e1731 plz….

Connect Dongle to Android Tablet

See Top of this page for procedure Hameed. July 16, at 4: Huawei customer care is totally ignorant and unhelpful.

If you are using SIM to connect then Tata. It detected the modem but keeps on displaying error upon unlocking.

Huawei Mobile Partner Sofeware For Winodws / Linux / Mac (All Version)

I cant exactly tell that what caused your problems because of AT commands. So, is it necessary to have huawei mobile broadband e1731 in the tab and the tablet. The IMEI no is Thanks for pointing out! Nov 03 After installing, next I tried to insert the datacard to the port which was unable to detect it.

DC — Unlocker 2 Client 1. The implication is that this is a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay. After calculating your huawei mobile broadband e1731 code via http: April 13, at 4: Please, also avail to me your reliable phone number.

Unfortunately, it does not work any more. I mean your Huawei modem model etc. Error Message — Connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed. But when I connect the USB modem E to my system, the modem code writer does not detect it, even after I click on detect.

Is there any other way to enable voice calls.

Download the voice calling version here- http: For more details refer https: Hello, Broadbabd is meaning of as per location in Mcc and Mnc?? The existence of the status code does not imply that a server must use it huawei mobile broadband e1731 becoming overloaded.

I think it will work on windows 7 well. April 16, at 5: Excellent info…we need more guys like you around.