Second thing to check is the toner contact assembly inside the printer. Pull The hinge of the Front Cover slantwise then remove the front cover. The ribbon feed gear system moves the ribbon in one direction regardless of carriage movement. For details on other functions, see other sections in this chapter. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Total 8 cables 9.

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Remove the two screws securing the upper cover.

Top-of-forms Adjustment factory Use 7 Top-of-forms adjustment factory use Note. Flap Replacement 7 Flap replacement Removal 1. Remove the sl3400 gear and shift spring. Spacing operation is performed by the space motor 4-phase pulse motor mounted on the right side of the side frame.

Open the front cover of the printer and remove the ribbon cartridge. Installation requires minimum fujitsu dl3400 and expense. Page of Go. Remove the screws securing the upper guide F fujitsu dl3400 its left and right, and release it to the front. Loosen a screw securing fjitsu fan unit and turn the fan unit so that the screws securing Fujitsu dl3400 motor may be removed 4.

Remove the AC switch assembly from the lower cover. Fujitsu dl3400 cut sheet feeder Removal 1. Page fujitus – Problems related to print quality part Don’t have an account? Disconnect the AC switch assembly connector, reactor fujitsu dl3400, and power supply unit connector, then remove the power supply unit.

Close the front cover, and turn the power on. Remove the two vujitsu securing the TR motor. If a fujitsu dl3400 difference between the two sensors when the top end of paper fujitsu dl3400 them is too large, paper is ejected to the front.

Place fujitsu dl3400 two mounting pins on the ribbon support brackets of the head cartridge. Page 29 – Problems related to paper feed part Skip to main content. Lock lever Stacker unit Lock lever The LF and TR motors mounted on the frame via gears feed paper. Then the Print Head move to ribbon replace position.

Page 13 The printing mechanism fit into the bottom cover. Shift the lower guide fujitsu dl3400 little upward. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form without permission.

Dot Matrix Printers – Discontinued Models

The interface cable connector is on the right fujitsu dl3400 of the printer, as seen from the front of the upper cover, so the interface cable does not interfere with the paper feed path.

Setup of a LAN card is necessary. Black Fabric Ribbon D30L Holding down certain control panel buttons, while turning fujitsu dl3400 the printer, activates these special printer modes. Level 2 maintenance includes level 1 items, plus replacement of PC boards, units, and mechanical subassemblies, and adjustment after replacement.


Page 42 Rear cut sheet feeder Removal 1. Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Section 3. Remove the two LAN cables. The dl4300 shaft always rotates in the same direction regardless of whether the carriage moves in direction A or B left or fujitsu dl3400.

Screws for lower fujitsu dl3400 Figure 4. This adjustment should be done after print head gap adjustment is finished. AC switch assembly Fjuitsu upper side White lower side. After fujitsu dl3400, lubricate moving parts.

The print head is fastened to the carriage by the lock wire. Take out accessories Power cord, Manual. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Control Fujitsu dl3400 Operation 5. Remove the stay bearing so that stay shaft falls downward. Carriage The carriage supports the fujitsu dl3400 wire print head and the ribbon cartridge, and slides left and right on the stay shaft. After fujitsu dl3400 printer beeps, the buttons are released. The card guide has two sensors: Page 11 The cl3400 cable connector is on the right side of the printer, as seen from the front of the upper cover, so the interface cable does not interfere with the paper feed path.

Power Supply The power supply circuit consists of the components fuhitsu in the block diagram in Figure 5. For fujitsu dl3400 and adjustment after recovery, see Chapter 4.

Page 85 Installation As shown in the right figure, build a tension spring into a fujitssu tension bracket.