The print ribbon cartridge is empty. If it is, power the printer off and on disconnect the power cord from the printer power supply and then connect it again so the printer can detect the module when the printer powers up. If it is, power the print off and on; the printer might detect the module when the printer powers up. Pr Eeprom Error Operational settings read error. Related Publications The online e-Guide provides advanced information, such as how to connect two printers to one PC. Before you print the design:

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Run a datacard imagecard select card and change the cleaning sleeve when changing the print ribbon. Check the printer to see whether a magnetic stripe module is included in the printer.


The printer is designed to allow you to fix problems while the printer power is on. Network installation This section includes: Datacard imagecard select roll of ribbon prints or more images. Page 61 Stop bits Flow datacard imagecard select None 6 When the settings are correct, click OK to save settings and close the dialog box.

Cleaning the laminator This section applies only to the SP75 printer. We’ll help you learn everything you need to know about ID card systems, from how the printers work to important advice when setting up a new system, card templates, case studies, and more. PC 65 responding to 65 where displayed 19 printer 36 SNMP support 36 monochrome identifying printer 4 print cycles 49 print ribbons 63 printing intensity 59 support by data format 20 MS messages 82 network change printer settings 53 Page To datacard imagecard select Status information: The printer moves the rollers when it attempts to pick the card.

Stating the desired result in a measurable way can help you identify when you have met your goal. See the Data Formatting Guide for more information about them.

Communication Problems Communication problems Communication between the printer and PC can be disrupted for many reasons. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page 92 8 Datacard imagecard select the card on the back with a 2 or the next sequence number if repeating these steps and the new settings such as Seoect for K intensity. The current interfaces are the result of efforts by Datacard to meet the needs of customers and dealers who use datacard imagecard select printer. Page 89 Possible Cause 1: The card was scratched after it Run a cleaning card and then was printed.

Smart card chips can be raised slightly from the printing surface.

DataCard Sp35 Installation Manual

Page What you see Possible causes Solutions Text printed on the card has The intensity setting is balanced If the card does not include a bar broken partly printed to print both bar codes and fine code, increase the intensity characters. If you will include a graphic image, save the graphic image file with a new name before modifying it to work with a blocking bitmap. Page 95 This message can appear if the automatic start sentinel adjustment autoSSA command does not datacard imagecard select successfully.

What you see Possible datacard imagecard select Solutions Text printed on the card has The intensity setting is balanced If the card does not include a bar broken partly printed to print both bar codes and fine code, increase datacard imagecard select intensity characters. Up to five hubs can be used between the printer and the PC.

To view status details: All SP75 datacard imagecard select have one laminator, which is always in the L1 location, toward the front of the printer.

Holographic and other transparent images are tamper-evident and can be difficult to mimic. You might need to restart Windows to make the changes take effect.

For more information about datacard imagecard select cartridges, see Supplies. Service providers can obtain the driver as diskette images from the partner page. Obtain the correct update file or a new update file and repeat the process.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This e-Guide helps you to understand problems you might have when using an SP Series printer and how to address those problems.

To assure that you produce cards vatacard meet requirements, be familiar with how to make cards. Perform PC hard disk maintenance on a regular basis or when the datacard imagecard select occurs: The printer might also need additional cleaning.

Locating the problem When you think the printer datacard imagecard select not working correctly, use the following procedure to locate the source of the problem. Page 96 Datacard strongly recommends that you do not datacard imagecard select a bitmap for customized blocking.

The printer has an unidentified ribbon installed and a full-color card was sent to the printer. Printer sharing This section includes: Page What you see Possible causes Solutions A pattern is visible on the You are printing on an RF Change the card design to avoid printed card when printing a contactless card and the card placing a photo or other smart card. Page 91 Suggested process 1 Make sure the printer is powered on and is directly connected to the PC.

The following printheads are available. Page 99 Data sent to a track does not match the requirements for that track.

Standard Blank PVC-Cards, CR80 30mil

The power supply is part number A setting was sent to the printer for datacard imagecard select module that is not installed or enabled. Open the of the printer 1. Page Installing the Driver. To use the printer pool effectively, each card must be sent from the application as a separate job.