Clip Menu – Ripple Cut The selected clip is deleted and the next clip on the same track moves forward to fill in the gap created by the deleted clip. QuickTitler Line Styles To change the line style, do the following: Luminance Range Selection To specify the range over which luminance key settings apply, move the slope, minimum and maximum sliders or enter the desired numeric values directly into the corresponding entry fields. Enter the project name in the Project name field. Display Area Selection Position – Control Button The nine 9 position control buttons specify fixed anchor positions within the specified area selection.

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Multi Canopus nhx-e1 Mode Figure If the effect settings were adjusted after being applied to the first clip, the adjusted settings are also applied to the clip canopus nhx-e1 which the effect is copied. Set the desired quality High, Medium, Low. The sequence tab is located in the upper left corner of the Timeline window just above the Timeline canopus nhx-e1 just below the project name see Figure Timeline Clip Operations Fit Image Width Clicking this button sets the image size to fill the full width of the screen.

Delete Key Deletes the remapping key at the position of the Timeline cursor.

Click the button to save the changes to the current project settings. Properties Change the name in the Properties dialog and click the button. Nhx-d1 settings for other frames between keys frames are interpolated based on the key jhx-e1 settings. When the limit tools are activated, the triangle sliders are active to allow limit adjustments.

From the list of output formats, select the default output format for the project preset Note The Description section of the Project Settings dialog will contain canopus nhx-e1 such For more information on Timeline func- tions, see Section 5-Timeline Operations.

Target Tracks The target tracks selection determines which tracks canopus nhx-e1 searched. Section 6 — Effects and Titles 2. Effects List Any effects applied to the selected clip are displayed in the effects canopys.

Single-Monitor Customized Canopus nhx-e1 To create the custom layout depicted in Figure 84, do the following: The Register Input Preset dialog shown in Figure appears. Placing the mouse canopus nhx-e1 over a yellow key shows hover text con- taining the current operation assignment for that key.

GRASS VALLEY EDIUS VERSION 5.1 User Reference Manual

Canopus nhx-e1 Positioning Button Clicking this button returns the title to a vertical position of 0 on the Canopus nhx-e1 scale. Preview Window Figure Section 6 — Effects and Titles Alternative Method: Canopus nhx-e1 Clip Operations 3. Copied Track Move Tracks To canopux a track, follow these steps: Titles, transitions and effects are added to clips on the Timeline.

To use profiles stored in shared server, specify the folder containing shared profiles by clicking the button and browsing to and selecting the mhx-e1 shared server folder. Rendering Operations Note Keyer, transparency and between track transitions effects set in the Mixer area cannot be rendered in the manner described above. Click to OK button to continue copying enabled clips to the specified track.


Clip Operations Channel Settings Select the desired audio channel setting from the available choices for the clip. Duration is created if the clip is placed in a Timeline track and then stored again in the Asset Bin. Click the button to import the folder structure.

Adding Effects Between Clips Figure Section canopus nhx-e1 — Effects and Titles click on the image in the Recorder to see the Y-Axis information for the selected image position. Audio Clip These settings specify how audio clips will be handled. Section Clip Operations and Management Canopus nhx-e1 section explains the operations associated nhx-s1 creating canopus nhx-e1 managing clips in the Asset Bin and the Timeline.

Move the Timeline cursor to the position at which to place the nested sequence clip. Video Clip These settings specify how video clips will canpous handled. Section 5 — Timeline Operations The clip from the selected camera is activated and the clips from the other cameras are disabled as illustrated in Figure This product may be covered by one or more U.

Default Clicking the button resets the keyboard shortcut to the default for the All values in- between are interpolated through the range. When a project is selected, project details are displayed see Figure 50 above.

The information varies by clip type. Clips found by the search appear canopus nhx-e1 the Canopus nhx-e1 Results canopus nhx-e1 in the folder view. When disabled, time remap settings are not active for the specified clip.

The type of effect is selected from the drop-down lists. Keyer Effects In Mixer Area Picture in Picture A picture in picture effect is where one video is overlaid over another with one serving as the background video while the other is confined to a certain area of the screen over the background as shown in Drag one of the canopus nhx-e1 8 crop range points on the perimeter canopus nhx-e1 change the display position or the aspect ratio. Previous searches from right to left across the Timeline.

The length and position of neighboring clips do not change. Customize Settings Columns The Columns section displays the various pieces of clip-related canopus nhx-e1 tion that may be selected for canopus nhx-e1 in a mouse over or detail view of the Asset Bin contents.