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God has sent this child to us.

It is as if his heart gaps flowing out in his kirtans, such is his ever-increasing love. No human language can do the fullest justice while praising the greatness of this divine entity.

Premanand Swami

Just as Premanand Swami was overflowing with affectionate devotion towards Maharaj, Maharaj also always bestowed baps chesta pdf download him his choicest blessings. Once Maharaj called him in his presence and asked him to compose kirtans. Pramukh Swami is baps chesta pdf download everything. He will give you baps chesta pdf download more happiness than I have. Swamishri has also immediately responded to the needs of society during famines, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters by arranging for necessary relief aid.

As a child, young Shantilal excelled in his studies. Pramukh Swami Maharaj has built more than 1, mandirs, initiated over sadhus, made over 17, city, town and village visits in India and overseas, replied to overletters and personally counselled overpeople. Shantilal started doing daily puja from the age of seven.

In accordance with this command of Shriji Maharaj the boy set out for Ujjain and arrived at the music school. Thus, through such divine exploits Maharaj bestowed upon him many such unique memories.

Cricket and swimming in particular were his favourite.

Pramukh Swami’s Life

The melodious notes of the bhairavi rag flowing through his voice turned the noon into a cool refreshing dawn. Premanand Swami composed bhajans describing the form and glory dodnload Maharaj to be sung during prabhatiya, godi, arti, baps chesta pdf download, cheshta, etc. His Drupad verses are matchless in Indian music.

So, the musicians went to Gadhada to see Maharaj. Listening to these tales made Shantilal want to go to these places with baps chesta pdf download best friend, coincidentally also called Shantilal. But the musicians expressed their earnest desire to hear the music of Premanand Swami.

Besides these works, he has written over four thousand bhajans in Gujarati, Hindi and Vraj. Once, a devotee ddownload Baps chesta pdf download came to Maharaj and sang a ballad praising her.

Please make sure to give him to us baps chesta pdf download the time is right. Pvf sweet words of the bhajan in praise of Maharaj reached the Akshar Ordi. They sang their own compositions to the accompaniment of musical instruments like dukkad, saroda and sarangi. The following was the typical daily schedule for Swamishri: Roughly a year later, Ramlal was transferred elsewhere and he took the equipment with him.

Maharaj drew the attention of the sadhus towards the sincerity and devotion pf that devotee. In the letter Shastriji Maharaj had instructed that Shantilal be sent to become a sadhu.

For Pramukh Swami, being president also meant pulling carts full of stones, washing dishes, serving meals to devotees, and looking after farmlands and cowsheds. His mother was very beautiful but his father was treated as a lunatic by the people.

He used to bestow divine bliss upon him in many ways. Shantilal daily cycled to school, carrying his lunchbox and water bottle. Thousands avoid TV, movies and all vices. Baps chesta pdf download to certain innate powers baps chesta pdf download the blessings of Shriji Maharaj, the boy attained mastery in both vocal and instrumental music within a few years.

On the morning of 10 January Posh sud 1, V. He would happily cycle away without a single complaint. After some time Maharaj remembered the boy, came out to look for him baps chesta pdf download found him sleeping on the steps. With great enthusiasm the boy started baps chesta pdf download in the institution. Receiving pdd news in Atladra, young Naranda immediately left for Sarangpur, despite the heavy rains.

On 21 November Magshar sud 1, Samvat his separation from Maharaj ended and he went to Akshardham to be in the presence of Shriji Maharaj. Some years later this carder visited Jetpur with his son, who was then eleven-years-old.

At dawn when he put aside his sarangi and stopped singing, he heard the soothing, affectionate voice of Maharaj. His social work is extensive, yet there is more to Pramukh Swami Maharaj.