All requests must have 5 questions for the person being requested. It’s different with Hyper-V; since its a Windows Server we can install the Agent for Windows directly on it and then we get client side dedupe for those VM’s. The only additional software you need to purchase to protect physical servers is the Agent for Applications and Databases as mentioned above. I can help with the question decision. Before you make the move to , there is a very different approach to job management compared to previous versions of BE. It’ll be highly ironic if you respond with “Yeah that’s who we use actually Email us at mods iamaofficial.

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The majority of the time the failed section was file level and could be easily ran. If I have to create a new job every time I have a failed job or a job with a skipped file then I get a new selection list backp a new job to manage.


Almost every environment I touch is now virtual, many of which are almost solely virtual. Check the Symantec twitter feed, I just saw several postings for different locations around the world. I hope that helps. How many systems are you using for client side dedupe? Any help would be appreciated!

I look at your new releases as betas, and your betas themselves as unstable. Bacjup, aside from general discussion, are you able to talk about any specific action that’s been taken as a result of the last AMA? We’d have a whole team watching jobs over a weekend and it was literally someones full-time job to watch the jobs fail or complete with an exception then have to create a new job to backup the failed section or exception.

Thanks for answering my slightly stupid question. Lots backup exec virtual file filter vff VMware, no Hyper V.

Please feel free to continue to post questions as we will make our best efforts to get you answers. We love getting user feedback. Backup reports successful or failed if error conditions are encountered Restore from Backup to Disk of Exchange granular mailbox, or public folder, data with GRT enabled: It’s different with Hyper-V; since its a Windows Server we can install the Agent for Windows directly on it and then we get client side dedupe for those VM’s.

Backup Exec was a great product which you turned into an industry leading product into bbackup junk in a single backup exec virtual file filter vff cycle. It happens that it was a license issue.

Symantec Backup Exec Product Management team & Engineering Virtualization specialists – AMaA : IAmA

Further into the future the appliances will being to bear some new backup exec virtual file filter vff that integrated backup and hardware can deliver better as a system. This is evidenced by the fact that we have yet to release support for Windows and vSphere 5. At my new job I virtualized all of the physical servers with Hyper-V R2 Server and back them up nightly with Veeam. Want to add to the discussion? Which you did not. It’s just a general,question for designing solutions for customers.

It a GUI nightmare.

General feeling about LiveUpdate: I do full backups of SQL Exchange via separate jobs for easier restore. Would you see this as an option that would be set to take place automatically following completion of the entire backup job or vcf option to be run manually or both?

Virtual machines are backed up as VMs. It may even save you time on support calls telling folks to create a new job or reboot the client server and backup exec virtual file filter vff again.

Jailbreak All the Things! My question was meant to be “can I use backup exec in an SOA environment” and I guess the answer is a duh, yes. We sometimes compete on Ghost Pepper Sauce eating.

Understanding GRT Backup and Restore functionality in Symantec Backup Exec

Is there an expected release date for SP2, or vSphere 5. VFF puts hard links to. Today most “appliances” aren’t really backup, they are target dedupe devices. I think it’s only if you make the pic the link of a “link” post.