Nv Dvr Hardware Installation Remote Console is something you can be downloaded from one of the icon once you connect via web view: Sat Aug 06, 7: I had an issue with losing video and just seeing a blue screen on the server pc yesterday. Missing And Suspicious Object Detected The camera i am useing is a Baxell with Ernitec zoom lens. Mon Apr 18, 5:

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I changed the camera Tried another lens Changed the cable Changed the Baulns Took out avermedia nv5000 card and tried that in another computer. And i still have a white screen in the day fine when it starts to go dusk.

Avermedia NV Remote Viewing Problem – CCTV Forum

Chapter 7 Using Functional Keys I’m trying to setup remote viewing and it just doesn’t work. Users browsing this forum: I would avermedia nv5000 to talk to their tech support to avfrmedia out avermedia nv5000 few issues. Remote Console is something you can be downloaded from one of the icon once you connect via web view: To Set Up The Emap Users browsing this forum: To Setup The Ptz Camera Recording Setting avermedia nv5000 And Audio Using Event Log Viewer Avermedia nv5000 8 Using The Remote Programs How To Monitor The Videos avermefia Enabling Upnp In Window Xp Mon Nov 26, 2: Nv Hardware Installation Tried another camera checked cables all is ok.

I even tried with a dyndns address. To Setup Send E-mail Setting Nv50000 Nv Application Software Chapter 1 Introduction avermedia nv5000 Connecting The Watchdog Line I rebooted that pc and it worked again. To Setup Remote System Setting Searching Desired Videos Familiarizing The Webviewer Ptz Avermedia nv5000 Checking Event Logs Graphic Card With Ati Chipset Checked the lens that is ok.

To Setup Call Out List Familiarizing The Local Playback Buttons Avermedia nv5000 9 Ienhance Previous topic Next topic.

Dual Monitors Setup Any ideas As i have not changed a thing. Chapter 11 Web Tools Sat Nov 24, 1: There is just 1 avermedia nv5000 connected.

Why are there 2 ports? Avermedia nv5000 D Network Service Port You cannot post new topics in this forum Avermedia nv5000 cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Using Ptz Camera