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Crest Audio Pro Series 8002 Schematic Diagram

If built without variation, they should perform as described but make sure to read the text. Older designs employed audio interstage and output transformers but the cost and size of these parts has made them all but disappear.

The circuit above shows a 4-transistor utility amplifier suitable for a variety of projects including receivers, intercoms, microphones, telephone pick-up coils, and general audio monitoring.

They all pass DC through the speaker which is wasteful and can cause problems for audio amplifier pdf download inexperienced builder.

Deviating from the shown voltages will reduce the available output voltage swing, but the amplifier might work fine for smaller signals. It may be possible to leave audio amplifier pdf download the 33 ohm resistor without stability issues.

Power figures are watts per channel, both channels driven. If you choose a detector with good infrared response, like a pin photo diode, you can add plastic IR filters to block out ambient light audio amplifier pdf download make the communicator harder to see at night.

Lets face it; just about any of the various IC audio amplifiers make more sense than this inefficient design.

Indicators, Protection Features Professional Series amplifiers incorporate several circuits to protect both themselves and loudspeakers under virtually any situation.

But, this circuit uses parts with only 3 legs. Audio amplifier pdf download Audio reserves the right make improvements audo manufacturing or design which may affect specifications Crest Audio specification literature is available in dow A higher voltage bulb will last longer but will be dimmer.

With a sensitive detector like a phototransistor, this communicator will work audio amplifier pdf download hundred feet at night. This manual also for: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Umm, it doesn’t use large capacitors except for the power supply bypassing.


Don’t have an account? For example, an NPN common-emitter preamplifier may be added for very high gain and by connecting the differential inputs across the collector resistor instead of from collector to ground, destabilizing feedback via the power supply is greatly reduced. The program can equally increase or decrease the volume of a file, if you feel like the sound is too loud inside a particular media file.

This bias change gives more signal swing before clipping audio amplifier pdf download and this change is not necessary if the volume is adequate. If the inefficiency of the class-A hasn’t dissuaded audio amplifier pdf download yet, here is a 4-transistor amplifier suitable for small signals:.


The 5 volts should be audio amplifier pdf download by a regulated power supply. Maximum gains between 20 and may be realized by adding a selected resistor in series with the same 10 uF capacitor. For even better performance, the bipolar stages could be replaced with a low noise op-amp. Approximate DC voltages are shown for helping with resistor selection.


It is a modulated light sender! Introduction, Unpacking, Audio amplifier pdf download Be sure to save the carton and all packing materials. This is a really quick and easy audio amplifier! Compensating the op-amp might be a bit of a challenge. The noise voltage of the amplifier is only 1. Crest Audio specification literature is avail- able in downloadable PDF file format; The TL is available in a TO package and it looks audio amplifier pdf download an ordinary transistor so your hobbyist friends will be impressed by the volume you are getting with only one transistor and the amplifier may be used for other projects, too.

A faster way to handle this is to rotate the little button aduio to the command until it reaches the desired value.

Should you ever need to ship the unit back to Crest Audio, one of its offices, service centers, or the supplier, use only the original factory packing. Audio amplifier pdf download 68 ohm resistor may be increased to several hundred ohms when using high impedance earphones to save battery power.

On the Model power amplifier, there are two 2 signal ground lift audio amplifier pdf download. Connect the input to an audio source or microphone a speaker will work ajplifier the audio amplifier pdf download will amplitude modulate the light intensity.

The amplifier has a power isolation circuit and bandwidth limiting to reduce oscillations and “motorboating”. But look how simple it is! Here is the amplifier used to boost the output from a simple crystal audio amplifier pdf download.

If a channel goes into the clip limiting or IGM gain audio amplifier pdf download mode, the speaker load remains audjo, but clipping percentage or output power are instantly reduced. A class-A audio amplifier is pretty wasteful of power but when plenty of power is available the simplicity is attractive.

Audio Amplifier Free was reviewed by Andreea Matei. Jan 8th, Freeware. The speaker will get warm, however! Comments to this Manuals Your Name. It isn’t intended to drive a speaker or headphones directly.

The battery life will be considerably longer than a 9 volt rectangular battery and the cell resistance will remain lower over the life of the battery resulting in less distortion and stability problems. Lower gain could be selected for wider bandwidth. The speaker should be rated at mW or more and should exhibit a DC resistance near 8 ohms perhaps 7 ohms. Page 32 Crest Audio Inc.

The drain resistor is adjusted to achieve about 4 volts on the drain and the value depends on the Idss of the JFET. Most power types don’t need a heatsink but tiny TO92’s might overheat. My 55 ohm resistor mentioned above gives an output Z of about 58 dpwnload and exactly 5 dB of gain loss from no load to 75 ohms.

Other NPN darlington transistors will work but choose one that can dissipate 1 watt minimum.